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XData Server Wizards

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The easiest and more straightforward way to get started with XData is using the wizards.


1. Choose File > New > Other and then look for the "TMS XData" category under "Delphi Projects".


2. There you find several wizards to create a new XData Server Application:


TMS XData VCL Server: Creates a VCL application that runs an XData server using http.sys


3. Choose the wizard you want, double-click and the application will be created.


As soon as you execute your application, the server is run. The application generated uses the design-time components. Simply learn about the components to configure them. For example, you can drop a TFDConnection component and set it to the TAureliusConnection.AdaptedConnection property to associat a database connection with the XData server.


You can also create the server manually. The wizard is not mandatory and it is one way to get started quickly.