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The TXDataClient object (declared in unit XData.Client) allows you to send and receive objects to/from a XData server in a high-level, easy-to-use, strong-typed way. From any platform, any development environment, any language, you can always access XData just by using HTTP and JSON, but if you are coding from Delphi client, TXDataClient makes it much easier to write client applications that communicate with XData server.


To start using a TXDataClient, you just need to instantiate it and set the Uri property to point to root URL of the XData server:


uses {...}, XData.Client;
Client := TXDataClient.Create;
Client.Uri := 'http://server:2001/tms/xdata';
// <use client>


The following topics explain how to use TXDataClient in details.


Requesting a Single Entity

Requesting an Entity List

Creating Entities

Updating Entities

Removing Entities

Invoking Service Operations

Client Memory Management

Client and Multi-Model

Authentication Settings

Ignoring Unknown Properties