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Web Applications with TMS Web Core

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TMS Web Core is the TMS Software framework for building web applications using Delphi. It allows you to create pure HTML/JS Single-Page-Applications that runs in your browser.


Even though the web application generated by TMS Web Core can run 100% stand alone in the browser, in many scenarios it needs data to work with, and such data needs to be retrieved from a server (and eventually sent back for modifications). Usually this data communication is done through a REST API Server - the web client performs requests using HTTP(S), and send/receive data in JSON format.


TMS XData is the ideal back-end solution for TMS Web Core. It not only allows you to create REST API servers from an existing database in an matter of minutes, but is also provides the most complete and high-level client-side framework for TMS Web Core, including Delphi design-time support with visual components, a TXDataWebClient component that abstracts low-level HTTP/JSON requests in a very easy and high-level way of use, and a dataset-like optional approach that simply feels home to Delphi users but still uses modern REST/JSON requests behind the scenes.


The following topics cover in details how to use TMS XData Web-Client Framework and make use of TMS XData servers from TMS Web Core applications.


Setting Up the Connection with TXDataWebConnection

Using TXDataWebClient

Using TXDataWebDataset

Solving Errors

XData Web Application Wizard

Extra Resources