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Query Options

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When addressing resources, it's possible to include a query string in the URL to perform extra operations on the resource being addressed, like filtering or ordering entities. Query options start with ? character and can be provided in the format name=value, separated by the & character. Many query options can be applied in a single URL. For example, the URL below retrieves the first 10 customers which country is USA, ordered by name:


http://server:2001/tms/xdata/Customer?$filter=Country/Name eq 'USA'&$orderby=Name&$top=10


The following table lists all the query options that can be used in a query string:


Query option





Allows filtering the entities in an entity set by a specified condition



Specifies the order of retrieved entities, by one or more properties or expression



Specifies the maximum number of entities to be returned by the server



Specifies the number of entities that the server should skip before returning the requested entities


Includes the total number of entities (without paging) in the JSON response



Expands associated objects in by forcing the server to include them inline in JSON response