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TMS XData Documentation

Version 2.7 (Oct-2017)


New: OpenAPI/Swagger support! XData server can now optionally provide a JSON file containing the OpenAPI Specification (OAS, formerly Swagger) for your whole server API. This opens up a lot of possibilities, usage of several tools of the OpenAPI ecosystem is now possible. Main one would be the Swagger UI, a web front-end to describe and test your API.


New: Several new types supported in service operations. Lots of new Delphi types can now be (de)serialized to JSON, meaning that those types can be use service operations, either in input parameters, or in function results, or even as properties of PODO objects sent/received. The new supported types in include:

oGeneric arrays: values of type TArray<T>, where T can be any supported type;

oGenerics lists of primitive types: values of type TList<T>, where T can by any supported type. In previous versions only lists of objects was supported;

oSets: values of type "set of T" where T is an enumerated type.

oTStrings type;


New: Support for default parameter values in service operations. You can now specify default values for parameters in service operations, using the [XDefault] attribute, and make them not required when invoking the service operations from non-Delphi clients (default parameters were already supported in Delphi clients).


New: JsonInclude attribute in PODO classes. You can configure how properties/fields with default values will be serialized in PODO classes. This attribute makes it possible to have a smaller JSON representation, by removing properties which value is null, zero, empty string, etc. Usage example: [JsonInclude(TInclusionMode.NonDefault)].


New: JsonNamingStrategy attribute. Allows you to automatically define a strategy for naming the JSON properties based on the field/property names of the class. You can use several predefined strategies: default, identity, camelCase, snake_case, identityCamelCase, identity_snake_case.


New: JsonEnumValues attribute. You can use this attribute to specify different values when serializing enumerated values.


New: TXDataRequestHandler.ManagedObjects property. This property provides more flexibility when it comes to automatic memory management at server side, allowing you to add objects to that collection and don't worrying about destroyed them - XData will do that for you.


Fixed: Error when using params of type TDate (TDateTime was not affected) in service operations (Regression).


Fixed: Design-time wizard icon not showing correctly in Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.



Version 2.6 (Jul-2017)


New: XDataProperty and XDataExcludeProperty attributes. When converting Aurelius entities to/form JSON, by default XData serializes all (and only) fields/properties that are mapped using Aurelius attributes. You can now include other (transient) properties or fields in JSON by using XDataProperty attribute. You also have the option to exclude an existing mapped member by using XDataExcludeProperty attribute.


New: JsonProperty and JsonIgnore attributes. When serializing regular Delphi objects (DTO) to JSON, XData includes all class fields by default. You can use JsonProperty attribute to add properties to the JSON (and/or change their name in JSON object) and use JsonIgnore attribute to exclude fields from JSON.


New: Support for passing parameters by reference in service operations. You can now declare and use service operations (methods) that receive parameters by reference. A server method like Swap(var A, B: Integer) is now supported for both server-side and client-side (using TXDataClient or regular HTTP requests).


New: Filter functions startswith, endswith and contains. You can now perform $filter queries with those functions to search for substrings in entity fields. For example: ?$filter=contains(Name, 'Walker') or startswith(Name, 'John').


New: Filter function concat. You can now use concat function when performing queries to concatenate two or more strings. For example: ?$filter=concat(concat(FirstName, ' '), LastName) = 'James Smith'.


New: TXDataSeverModule.UnknownMemberHandling property. You can now optionally tell the server to ignore unknown JSON properties sent by the client (instead of raising an InvalidJsonProperty error).


Fixed: Using TStream as a parameter for service operations was causing "JSON converter not found" error.



Version 2.5 (May-2017)


New: Linux support using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and later. Using XData on Linux doesn't require any specific change in your XData-related code. All your Linux specific code relates to TMS Sparkle - creating an Apache module and configuring TMS Sparkle to respond to requests. Once you do that, you just add the XData module to the Sparkle dispatcher as usual.


Fixed: Location header of POST responses now uses host of the client request, not the host configured in XData module.



version 2.4 (Mar-2017)

New: Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Support

Fixed: Server-side stack overflow when trying to load a proxy property sent by the client, if the parent entity of that proxy was merged into the current Object Manager


version 2.3 (Jan-2017)

New: Demo project showing authentication using JWT (JSON Web Token)

Fixed: Sporadic server error loading proxied lists sent by the client

Fixed: JWT encoding not working on XE6

Fixed: XData Server Wizard generating corrupted source code when TMS Component Pack was installed


version 2.2 (Aug-2016)

New: Url convention now allows $count path segment to retrieve number of entities in a resource.

Fixed: RefCount property was wrongly being serialized in PODO objects from mobile clients

Fixed: TXDataClient.Service<T> failing for Android clients when compiling in Release config


version 2.1 (Jul-2016)

New: $expand query option allows clients to have full control on how associated entities appear in JSON response.

New: Support for entities that have associations in ID (primary key containing foreign keys)

New: Support for Variant-type parameters in service operations when using GET HTTP method.

New: Breaking change: TXDataServerModule.PutMode property controls how PUT will behave at server-side

New: TXDataServerModule.SerializeInstanceRef property controls how instances of same object will be represented in JSON response

New: TXDataServerModule.SerializeInstanceType property controls how xdata type metadata will appear in JSON response

New: Support for Nullable<T> values in PODO classes

Improved: Errors on query syntax now return http code 400 instead of 500

Fixed: JSON Proxies (@xdata.proxy) sent by the client were not being solved when reading such properties at server-side

Fixed: Association references (@xdata.ref) were not being solved when receiving entities in service operations parameters.


version 2.0 (May-2016)

New: Service operations can now receive and return any type of object. This increases flexibility significantly as you can use any type of object for structure input/output parameters, or to send/receive DTO classes, etc.

New: Server-Side Events allow subscribing listeners events and perform additional server-side logic

New: JWT (Json Web Token) authentication and Basic authentication, thanks to new TMS Sparkle

New: Authentication and authorization mechanism, based on TMS Sparkle

New: Delphi 10.1 Berlin support

New: Service operations can now receive and return TJSONAncestor objects (Delphi XE6 and up only). This allows full control over the JSON request and response.

New: Service operations can now receive and return TCriteriaResult objects, making it easy to return Aurelius query results that use projections.

New: $inlinecount query option allow retrieving the total number of entities when using paged results

New: Method TXDataModelBuilder.RemoveEntitySet for more flexibility when building XData models.

New: TXDataServerModule.SetEntitySetPermissions allows configuring what operations are available in each resource type

Improved: All server-side operation (entity CRUD, service operation execution) are now performed in database transactions

Improved: TXDataOperationContext.Current now also available in entity resources


version 1.6 (Feb-2016)

New: Design-time wizard to create a XData Server with a few clicks

Fixed: Service operation using enumerated types as parameters or function results not working properly

Fixed: EntitySet requests were not taking xdata-expandlevel header into consideration. This is a breaking change.


version 1.5.1 (Sep-2015)

New: Delphi 10 Seattle support


version 1.5 (Aug-2015)

New: Several built-in functions available to increase flexibility when querying objects in REST requests. New available functions are Upper, Lower, Length, Substring, Position, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second

New: TXDataClient.HttpClient property provides low level access to the Http client and allows using OnSendingRequest events to customize requests

New: TXDataOperationContext Request and Response properties gives full control for service implementations to customize the processing of client requests

New: TXDataServerModule.DefaultExpandLevel allows defining the expand level of JSON responses when it's not defined by client request

Fixed: TXDataClient Get, Delete, Patch and Put operations were broken when using entities with composite id

Fixed: POST requests not working correctly with entities with composite key

Fixed: Data Modification requests sending content-type header with parameter (for example, ";charset=UTF8") were causing errors


version 1.4 (Jun-2015)

New: HttpMethod attribute allows specifying the HTTP method a service operation should respond to

New: URIPathSegment attribute allows specifying a different name for operation/service to be used in URL

Fixed: GET requests with query order was sometimes causing the same column to appear multiple times in a "ORDER BY" SQL clause


version 1.3.1 (Apr-2015)

New: Delphi XE8 support


version 1.3 (Mar-2015)

New: Support for CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) preflighted requests


version 1.2 (Dec-2014)

New: TXDataClient methods Get, Post, Put, Delete and List allows easy and high-level access to XData server objects from Delphi clients

New: Android and iOS support for XData client objects

New: Server support for "x-http-method-override" header (allowing clients to tunnel HTTP methods to server through POST requests)

Fixed: Issues with floating-point literals in Query URL with non-English server systems

Fixed: Service operations returning nil entities should respond with status code 404


version 1.1 (Oct-2014)

New: Service Operations allow adding custom business logic to your server using interfaces and methods

New: Multi-Model design makes it easy to create multiple servers with different mapping, types and service operations

New: UserName and Password properties in TXDataServerModule for basic authentication protection

Fixed: Malfunctioning with $skip and $top query options


version 1.0.1 (Sep-2014)

New: Delphi XE7 support


version 1.0 (Aug-2014)

First public release