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Using Design-Time Components

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Another way to create a TXDataServer is by using the design-time components. If you want the RAD, component dropping approach, this is the way to go.


1. Drop a dispatcher component on the form (for example, TSparkeHttpSysDispatcher)


2. Drop a TRemoteDBServer component on the form


3. Associate the TRemoteDBServer component with the dispatcher through the Dispatcher property


4. Specify the BaseUrl property of the server (for example, http://+:2001/tms/remotedb)


5. Set the Active property of the dispatcher component to true


6. Drop a TAureliusConnection on the form and configure it so that it connects to your database (you will need to drop additional database-access components, e.g. TFDConnection if you want to use FireDac, and then associate it to the TAureliusConnection.AdaptedConnection).


7. Associate the TRemoteDBServer component to the Aurelius connection through the Connection property.


That is enough to have your RemoteDB server up and running!