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URL Conventions

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This chapter describes what URL addresses are made available by the XData Server based on the entity model. It explains the rules for constructing URL address that identify data and metadata exposed by the server.

When you create the XData server, the root URL must be specified. Following the root URL part, additional URL constructions might be added, like path segments, query or fragment parts. In this manual, all examples consider the server root URL to be http://server:2001/tms/xdata/.


The URL used by the XData server for entity resources has three significant parts: root URL, resource path and query options, according to the example below.


\___________________________/\______/ \_________________/
              |                  |              |
           Root URL       resource path   query options


For service operations, the URL uses the following format:


              |                    |         |
           Root URL             service   operation



The following topics describe in details the parts of the URL as understood by the XData Server.


Resource Path

Query Options

Built-in Functions

Literals in URI

Custom Functions