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Server-Side Events

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TXDataServerModule published several events that you can use to implement additional server-side logic, customize XData behavior, among other tasks. You can use events, for example, to:


Implement custom authorization, refusing or accepting an operation based on the user credentials or any other context information;

Restrict/change the data returned to the client, by adding more filters to a query made by the user, for example

Implement additional server-side logic, for example, performing extra operations after a resource is saved


Events in XData are available in the Events property of the TXDataServerModule object. Such property refers to a TXDataModuleEvents (declared in unit XData.Module.Events) object with several subproperties, each to them related to an event.


Read Using Events for more detailed info. You can also see real-world usage of events by checking the Authentication Example using JSON Web Token (JWT).


Events in TXDataModuleEvents





Occurs after an entity is retrieved, right before being sent to the client.


Occurs when the client queries an entity collection.


Occurs right before an entity creation.


Occurs right before an entity update.


Occurs right before an entity delete.


Occurs when an exception is raised during request processing. You can use it to provide custom error-handling.