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Requesting an Entity List

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Use the List method to query and retrieve a list of entities from the server:


  Fishes: TList<TFish>;
  Fishes := Client.List<TFish>;


The TXDataClient.List<T> function will always create and retrieve an object of type TList<T>. By default you must manually destroy that list object later, as explained in memory management topic.

Optionally you can provide a query string to send to the server to perform filtering, order, etc., using the XData query options syntax:


Customers := Client.List<TCustomer>('$filter=(Name eq ''Paul'') or (Birthday lt 1940-08-01)&$orderby=Name desc');


Use the non-generic version in case you only know the type of the entity class at runtime. In this case, the function will create and return an object of type TList<TObject>:


  Fishes: TList<TObject>;
  Fishes := XClient.List(TFish);


You also can use Count method to retrieve only the total number of entities without needing to retrieve the full entity list:


  TotalFishes: Integer;
  TotalCustomers: Integer;
  TotalFishes := Client.Count(TFish);
  TotalCustomers := Client.Count(TCustomer, '$filter=(Name eq ''Paul'') or (Birthday lt 1940-08-01)&$orderby=Name desc');