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Managing Streams (Blobs)

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To update the content of a stream (blob) property, clients must perform a PATCH or PUT request to a stream property URL address, providing stream content in message body. You don't need to specify content-type and if you do, it will be ignored. Using either PATCH or PUT method results in same server behavior.


The request is an example of how to update the content of Photo property of the customer identified by id equals to 3.


PUT /tms/xdata/Customer(1)/Photo HTTP/1.1
Host: server:2001
<binary photo content>


You can also use DELETE method to clear the blob content (remove any data):


DELETE /tms/xdata/Customer(1)/Photo HTTP/1.1
Host: server:2001


On successful UPDATE or DELETE calls, the server will respond with a 204 No Content status code.