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Getting Support

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General notes

Before contacting support:

- Make sure to read this whole manual and any readme.txt or install.txt files in the component distributions, if available.

- Search the TMS support forum and the TMS newsgroups to see if your question has not been already answered.

- Make sure you installed the latest version of the component(s).


When contacting support:

- Specify with which component is causing the problem.

- Specify which Delphi or C++Builder version you are using, and please also let us know which OS you use.

- For registered users, use the special priority support email address (mentioned in registration email) & provide your registration email & code. This will guarantee a fast reply.


- Send your email from an email account that

1) allows to receive replies sent from our server

2) allows to receive ZIP file attachments

3) has a properly specified & working reply address


Getting support

For general information:

Fax: +32-56-359696

For all questions, comments, problems, and feature request for our products:


Important note:

All topics covered by this manual are officially supported and it’s unlikely that future versions will break backward compatibility. If this ever happens, all breaking changes will be covered in this manual and guidelines to update to a new version will be described. However, it’s important to note that parts of the source code of this product that are undocumented are not officially supported and are subject to change, which includes breaking backward compatibility. In case you are using an unsupported/undocumented feature we will not provide support for upgrading and will not officially support it.