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TMS Sparkle Documentation

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TMS Sparkle is a Delphi framework for network, Internet programming. It provides classes for both client and server applications/services, allowing performing HTTP requests to servers, or building HTTP servers that receive and process client requests. It supports several platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. TMS Sparkle is also the core framework used by several other TMS products such as TMS XData and TMS RemoteDB.


TMS Sparkle product page:

TMS Software site:

PDF version of this documentation:


Documentation Topics




oCopyright Notice

oWhat's New

oGetting Support

oBreaking Changes

oOnline Resources

Http Client

oConfiguring a Request

oExamining the Response

oTHttpHeaders object

oTHttpClient Events

oProxy configuration on Windows

oBypassing Self-Signed Certificates on Windows

Http Server


oWizard For New Sparkle Server

oUsing Design-Time Components

oHttp.Sys-based Server

URL namespace and reservation

Using HTTP secure (HTTPS)

TMSHttpConfig Tool

THttpSysServerConfig Class

Windows netsh Command-Line

oApache-based Server

oIndy-based Server

oIn-Process Server

oHTTP Dispatcher

oServer Modules

oExamining the Request

oBuilding the Response

oHanding Multipart Content

Design-Time Components

oServer Components - Common Features

oTSparkleStaticServer Component

oTSparkleGenericServer Component

Middleware System

oCompress Middleware

oCORS Middleware

oJWT Authentication Middleware

oBasic Authentication Middleware

oLogging Middleware

oEncryption Middleware

oCreating Custom Middleware

oGeneric Middleware

Authentication and Authorization

oAdding Authentication Middleware

oUser Identity and Claims

oAuthorizing Requests

oCreating JSON Web Tokens

Built-in Modules



JSON Classes

oJSON Writer

oJSON Reader


oWriting Log Messages

oLog Output Handlers and TMS Logging