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TMS RemoteDB is a set of Delphi components that allows you to create 3-tier database applications. It allows your client db application to execute SQL statements through an Http server, instead of directly accessing the database server. It is targeted for performance, stability, and as an easy path to convert client-server applications into 3-tier applications. At the server-side you can choose a wide range of database-access components to connect to database server, including FireDac, dbExpress, dbGO (ADO) and many others. TMS RemoteDB uses TMS Sparkle as the core communication library.


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Documentation Topics




oCopyright Notice

oWhat's New

oGetting Support

oBreaking Changes

Creating RemoteDB Server

oWays to Create the RemoteDB Server

RemoteDB Server Wizard

Using Design-Time Components

Wizard for New RemoteDB Server

Creating the Server Manually

oIDBConnectionFactory Interface

oIDBConnection Interface

oComponent Adapters

oSQL Dialects

oTRemoteDBModule settings

oTRemoteDBServer Component

oServer-Side Events

oAdministration API

RemoteDB Client Applications

oTRemoteDBDatabase Component

oTXDataset Component

Updating Records

Master-Detail setup

Other Methods and Properties

Batch Updates

oConnecting TMS Aurelius to RemoteDB Server