AdvStringGrid Export and Import filters
TExportOptions.RawRTF Property

If you set this property to true, RTF text in cells will be exported 'as is', without converting it to plain text. So, if you export a rich text "Hello" into cell A1 and this property is true, you will see a string similar to "{rtf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang14346{fonttbl{f0fnilfcharset0 Calibri;}}viewkind4uc1pardsa200sl276slmult1lang10f0fs22Hbi ellob0i0par}" You can use this property when you don't want to show the spreadsheet to a final user, and just use it to save and load data into the grid. (AdvExcelIO will load those RTF strings back into rich text when you import the file)

property RawRTF: Boolean;
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