AdvStringGrid Export and Import filters
TAdvGridExcelExport.ExportHtml Method (TFlexCelHtmlExport, string, THtmlExportMode)

Exports the attached grid or workbook to HTML. As this method uses a TFlexCelHtmlExport class to do the export, you can customize all options in the html exporting before calling this method.

procedure ExportHtml(const aHtml: TFlexCelHtmlExport; const aFileName: string; const aExportMode: THtmlExportMode); overload;
const aHtml: TFlexCelHtmlExport 
This is a TFlexCelHtmlExport component that you need to create.  
const aFileName: string 
Filename of the generated file. All extra files like images will be stored in the same folder.  
const aExportMode: THtmlExportMode 
How the grid will be exported.  
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